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In Memory of April, at the Rainbow Bridge:
August 21, 2014

I have a new name - April!  I don't know if I had a name before 'cause I lived at a place called "hoarder", with lots of other dogs.

I didn't get enough to eat where I lived before.

I have I diamond on the back of my head, which just happens to be the birthstone for April.  How cool is that?!

I just had my first bath here and I'm feeling FRISKY!

Running out of frisky...

Being an older girl with a big secret, I need lots of naps.  My favorite spot is on the couch.

Not another bath!

Just 'cause my skin's all scabby looking and my hair's falling out I keep getting baths.

This sucks!

11 days later...BUSTED!

Yep, I'm packin' puppies.  The x-ray showed two.  Surprise!

It's Friday, 5/23, and they think my babies will be here any time.

So mom made me a whelping pen and we start to wait...

and wait...

and the days pass and I just keep getting bigger...

Tuesday,5/27, puppy #1 arrives around 9:00 AM. I knew just what to do and took care of him all by myself. He was a very hungry boy.

A couple hours later, puppy #2 popped out.  He's a very hungry boy, too.

It's been a long day and I'm very tired.  But it's been a good day and I'm very happy.  I'm so proud of my two healthy boys.  Not bad for an old dog, huh?

We had a puppy pool to name my babies and raise some money to help take care of them and me.  Pam Watkins won the honor.  She named them after the two latest Hoppers who went to the Rainbow Bridge, Rudolph and Fred.

Happy Birthday, Rudy!

Happy Birthday, Freddie!

Now it's time to go to my foster home.  I'm going to live with Gail Utz and her family for a couple of months.  They live on a farm in VA and know all about taking care of newborns.  It will be much better there for me and my babies.  No crabby old hounds to bother us all the time.

Puppies at 2 weeks.

Puppies at 5 weeks.

Rudie & Freddie at 9 1/2 weeks and ready to go to their new homes.

I am so happy to be home again at house of puddles!

Playing with my friends and my toys.

I win!

Now I am SO enjoying my retirement.  It's about time!

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