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Bear's Page
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Bear came from the estate of a lady who passed away in VA.  He is 10 years old and came with his brother, Stuart, to live in a HOP foster home with Loni Willey on 12/2/2013.  Their owner left them a small trust in her will so that they would be properly taken care of.

Loni says, "...they are incredibly sweet basset boys, absolutely adorable….and huge!  And Bear is a hoot.  When he sees you after you’ve been “gone” (i.e., out of his sight for a few minutes) he comes trucking over (I would use “trotting”, but it doesn’t adequately capture the speed, determination, and tunnel-vision that is present in that moment!).  And the tail just wags and wags and wags... Bear is just an incredibly happy boy that revels in receiving pats, scratches, and hugs."

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