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In Memory of Billy, at the Rainbow Bridge:
June 14, 2010

I'm little Billy.  I began a very long trip starting in Missouri.  I used to live there with five other bassets, all lost like me, until a nice lady found us and took care of us for a few years.

But we had to live outside all that time and then the lady couldn't keep us any more, so we all had to go someplace else. We all found homes, and I got to come to House of Puddles. These first two pictures are from my very long trip.

I finally got here on 1/27/2008.  But oh!  There are so many dogs here.  I was so confused.  What had I gotten myself into?
I was a pretty skinny boy, as you can see.  And for awhile I just wanted to keep to myself.

But then I discovered these nice big dog beds.

And THEN I discovered these nice big people beds!

I figured out pretty quick where there was food going on.  Mom said I'm a counter cruiser.  I think I'm just a counter noser, 'cause I'm too short to reach anything.  I also figured out how to make mom pay attention to me.  I just put my cute face on.

I like this little basket I found.  It makes me taller than all the other dogs.

I try to be a very good boy all the time so mom won't forget to feed me.

I've got to bulk up!

Yum, yum, yum.


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Frederick, MD 21704

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