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In Memory of Bogie, at the Rainbow Bridge:
November 19, 2013

I'm Bogie, a 10 year old girl hound and I'm from MN.

I came to HOP 5/15/2010 with my brother, Ringo.  Our Mom was a wonderful basset rescue lady named Karen Sommerfield.

  When she went to the Bridge, there were too many of us for Dad to take care of by himself.  So some of us got new homes. We made lots of new friends here.

But that was OK since we were used to living in a house full of hounds.

I like the nice big furniture to sleep on...

But I don't like sharing the little beds.

Much better to have big bed to myself.

I see what you have and I want it!

Such a tough life here.

Sometimes I'm so busy I have to take time to stop and think about important things.

I am stylish, no?

Uh oh...

You don't think I did that, do you?

4422 Reels Mill Rd.
Frederick, MD 21704

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