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In Memory of Brandy, at the Rainbow Bridge:
March 2, 2007

Hi, I'm Brandy and I was Mom's very first senior.  My Gotchaday is 2/11/2001

I can be a real witch sometimes.

But usually I'm sweet as a bunny.

I like to nap a lot.

I love Christmas. More napping.
Gimme a little kiss, will you, huh?

My famous smile.

A lovely day at the BROOD Ramble. Jack, you lazy dog, it's time to help with the dishes.
Mom said I get to keep your allowance, too! A nap under my favorite tree.
I was a hit at the Boardwaddle in this lovely hat. Socializing at the ABC WOW Waddle with my sisters Georgia (left) and Noel.
MOO.  (I am so udderly embarrassed.) If only I were a butterfly...
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Frederick, MD 21704

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