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In Memory of Buster, at the Rainbow Bridge:
October 29, 2007

Hi!  I am Buster, from Florida.  I came to House of Puddles on 5/14/2006.  My dad had to go away to a foreign country for his job, so he had to find a new home for me.  I was 11 years old then, but had only been with my dad for about 3 years.  You could say I've slept around.
My new mom at HOP put me to work right away to earn my keep. I had to model a cap that was going to be in a HOP raffle.
I was very proud.  I helped to sell lots and lots of raffle tickets. Then this new tall guy came to stay here, and I had to keep him entertained.
His name is Jeeps and he is just a young guy, still looking for a forever home of his own.

Mom says he's a Treeing Walker Coonhound, but I've never seen him climb any trees.

Mom says I'm so cute, I shouldn't have to work so hard anymore. So I can just lie around and make eyes at that cute girl, Liz, over there.
I also make sure no piggy ears ever go to waste. Liz & I went to the 2007 Boardwaddle together.  I think she likes me.
I thought I was the coolest dresser there. And this is my winning picture in the Senior HoundsAbound 2008 calendar.
4422 Reels Mill Rd.
Frederick, MD 21704

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