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In Memory of Buttermilk, at the Rainbow Bridge:
March 18, 2014

Hi, meet me, Buttermilk!  I'm from Alabama and a HOP resident since 7/25/09.

The shelter I was in was going to make me go to sleep.  But the nice shelter lady liked me a lot.

She wouldn't give up trying to find me a place to go.  She named me Buttermilk.

BTW, I like to climb on stuff.

I had been wandering around a long time before the shelter found me.  I had lots of flea bites.

My butt was almost bald!

I am a very busy girl here at HOP.  I check the computer.

I climb on stuff.

I check the phone.

I check the computer again.

I climb on stuff.

I take naps with Mom.

And look what happened to my butt - it got pretty again!

One day, Auntie Wendie from Senior Hounds Abound came to visit.   She likes old dogs, too!

She got down on the floor and took funny pictures of me.

Oh, I'm so dizzy!

Why am I wearing a banana costume you ask?

I don't know, either.

I'm a girl who knows what I want...

and goes after it.

Nobody gets in my way...

when I see a bed I want.

Sometimes mom puts all my toys in these big, white boxes.

I don't know what they do, but I get very worried.

You guys OK in there?


We get a little crowded here sometimes.

But I can always find a place for me.

I got a special delivery one day.

A bag full of CHEEZBURGERZ!

Busy, busy, busy day.

Snow Patrol on duty!

4422 Reels Mill Rd.
Frederick, MD 21704

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