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In Memory of Chloe, at the Rainbow Bridge:
August 14, 2014

My name is Cloe and I came to HOP on 8/14/2010.

My other family kept me outside all the time and didn't feed me much.

I was very skinny and had a bad leg I couldn't walk on.  Andy was the first friend I made here.

Miss Lottie gave me a nice welcome, too.

The first thing I found out was how comfy the beds are here.

Andy sure was stuck on me.

High five!

I really like tall dog, Jeeps.

I follow him everywhere just to annoy him.

You can run but you can't hide, Jeeps!

Sometimes I have to share beds with lots of other dogs.
But they're mostly pretty nice about it. I am very brave girl, leading the pack in the snow.

My first Christmas, I got to be the tree!

In the warm weather, I love to relax in the sun.

One day, I ate a bug and my cheek got puffy. I have a little bench outside all my own.
This day I got to visit all the nice people who came for Volunteer Day. Mom, can I pleeeeeease come up on your lap?
Max is not so bad to share a bed with sometimes. My second Christmas I was the Elf.   The things you have to do to get along here!

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