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In Memory of Gus, at the Rainbow Bridge:
April 21, 2009

They call me Gus, or sometimes Gusgus.  They didn't know my real name, but I've gotten used to this one.

I was in a jail in TN when the nice people from Belly Rubs Basset Rescue got me out and sent me to HOP.  I got here 6/30/2007.

I was a pretty skinny boy but I've put on a few pounds now.  I've also got worms in my heart.  YUCK!

I've been getting "The Treatment" for my heartworms.  Big shots in my boney butt.

Now I'm supposed to stay very quite and not move around very much until the worms go away.

That part's pretty easy.

I have to earn my keep, though.  Mom makes me model these new bracelets.  This is so wrong!

Is it time for my break, yet?

Then I had to try on hats.  All the girls wanted to kiss me.

I'm ready for my cookie now.

Did you say "dinner"?

Lights out!

This is my girlfriend, Laverne.  She tastes gooooooood!

Have you ever seen a more handsome Santa?


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