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In Memory of Jack, at the Rainbow Bridge:
September 6, 2007

My name is Jack.  I was very sad when I first came here on 10/13/2002.

I came from Kentucky.  My mom had died and my dad didn't want me.

My first Christmas here I got to be an angel...until somebody ate my halo.

I like to help out in the yard.  I'm very good at holding down piles of dirt.

Sometimes I just sit and worry.

On my first Gotchaday, mom put this clown hat on me.
I was not pleased. I'm very good at following in line when we walk in snow.
Christmas is...well... ...a lot of hard work.
I like to help my mom paint. And Mosby and I help with office work.
Mostly, I just like to relax. I'm not sad anymore.
It's pretty darn OK here. 'Cept when Mom won't let me clean the dishes.
I'm also very shy.

I don't like to come in when there's a lot of other dogs in here.

OK, I'll come in, but I won't look!

4422 Reels Mill Rd.
Frederick, MD 21704

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