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In Memory of Jade, at the Rainbow Bridge:
November 21, 2014

Jade was rescued on August 18, 2013.  BROOD alerted us to a 13 year old basset mix who was about to be placed in a shelter in VA. She was the only dog of an elderly couple.  One of the owners passed away this spring, and the other passed away last week.  Unfortunately none of the family was willing to take Jade, even though she’s a lovely dog, house trained, etc.  The family was going to drop her off at the shelter the next day.  At this particular high-kill shelter, she would have been immediately deemed unadoptable because of her age and, as an owner-surrender, she would have likely been put down on the spot because of no required waiting period.

Thankfully, Loni Willey in Abingdon, VA, HOP's only foster home, had room for her and was able to pick her up before she went to the shelter.  Loni says Jade definitely has a basset body and legs but the head is completely something else.  She was a little uncomfortable with Loni's other hounds at the beginning but Loni says she has settled in very well now and is a very happy and lively girl for her age.


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