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In Memory of Jiminy, at the Rainbow Bridge:
June 16, 2013

Boy, was I happy to get here!  9/27/2009 it was.

We just barely escaped from an AL jail with our lives.

My sis and I, that is.  We always stick together!

Our parents divorced.

Mom didn't want us and Dad couldn't keep us.

Sometimes we get stuck behind bars here, too.

But the beds don't suck.

My tongue falls out a lot 'cause I only have 3 teeth.

Most of the teeth I had left when I came to HOP were rotten so the doggie dentist pulled them out.

This Buttermilk girl here is awfully forward and I don't like her much.

One day we played a fun game called Raking Leaves.

One day we played a fun game called Raking Leaves.

Mom says I'm good a boy.

I am also very handsome boy.

Very handsome.

Even when I sneeze.

I love to sleep with my sister, Cricket.

Usually I'm faithful to Cricket but sometimes Buttermilk has to have her way with me.

I had so much fun in the snow - see my ears fly!

We didn't get much snow in AL.

Nope, no presents under this tree.

Laundry is such hard work.

Locked up on housecleaning day, but mom gave us chewies to keep us quiet. (We are so smart!)

Nothin' better than a warm butt to rest your tired head on.

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