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In Memory of Katy, at the Rainbow Bridge:
March 15, 2008

I am Shady Lady Katy, but mom calls me Mean Girl.

My Gotchaday is 9/17/06 and I was rescued by Ozark Mountain Basset Rescue in Arkansas.  They named me after the street I was found on, Shady Lane.

I'm not really a mean girl.  I just don't like all these other stupid, cootie-carrying dogs!

I'm really a very sweet girl.  The other hounds just don't understand me.

This is me when I got my very own name tag.  I was SO proud.

Sometimes I like to sleep in this chair, where it's nice and safe.

This is my futon and my pillow.

I have to get it just right...

So I can take my nap.

One time, I had to have all these bumpy things removed.

Mom made me were this straight jacket.

Poor me!

An then there was the time she put all these weird things on my head.  She said I looked like a little devil.

Don't ask me what this one is.

This is me.  I'm a good witch.

Time for my bellyrub!

This is my other futon.

It has a special place just for me to rest my chin.

All this resting makes a girl sleepy.

Would someone please explain Christmas to me?


Look at this stupid guy with the bag on his head.  Can you believe I have to live with these idiots?

Sometimes when mom thinks I'm being Mean Girl, she sends me into her bedroom for "time-out".  I don't know what that means, but I don't mind it.

Look at this face.  Do I look mean to you?

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