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In Memory of Liz, at the Rainbow Bridge:
April 20, 2009

My name is Liz, and I came to HOP on 6/5/2005.  I'm a southern belle from Arkansas.  Don't I look good for 12?

When my dad passed away, my Aunt Dawn drove me all the way here to Maryland.

As you can see, I'm a very sophisticated lady.

I had a very bad skin condition when I got here.  You can see some of it on my poor back ankle.

Mom gave me extra nutritional stuffs and special baths.

Way too many baths in my opinion!

But I finally got all better.

For Halloween, I got to be a police lady.

This was not one of my favorite hats.

I got to be Snow White, too.  (To tell the truth, I really wanted to be Cinderella.)

This was such an exhausting day.

How do you like my Christmas hat?

Chic, don't you think?

Maybe if I hide in here, she'll stop trying to put more hats on me.

Wouldn't you know it?  It's summertime, so now it's goggles!  Mom bought me a swimming pool so I can learn to use my legs again.  Some disk somewhere slipped and I can't use my back legs anymore.  But scooting around on the floor is too slow so I WILL walk again!


See there, I told you I'd be walking again.  Took me 5 months, but I did it!

I didn't hear you say "duck".

I love my hats!

At Boardwaddle 2007 with my buddy Buster

Irresistible, no?

Special bed, just for moi.

Can I get some help up this step, please?

4422 Reels Mill Rd.
Frederick, MD 21704

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