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In Memory of Lucy 2, at the Rainbow Bridge:
August 10,, 2012

Sweet little Lucy 2 was only with HOP for 10 months from October 2011.  She came from a family that couldn't keep her anymore.  The husband wanted to put her in a shelter but the wife wouldn't allow that and contacted HOP instead. 

She was a "blue basset", which comes from a resessive gene and is not a healthy thing to be. she had lost all her gray hair, which made her almost totally naked.  She had to wear coats and sweaters in all the chilly and cold months.  She also had other skin issues, like having very thin skin and brusing easily. 

She was a fiesty girl and loved to steal the other dogs' beds while they were still in them.  Or maybe she just wanted to cuddle with another hound to stay warm.  I will miss little, naked Lucy 2.

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