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In Memory of Max, at the Rainbow Bridge:
December 12, 2013

Max here!  I've been a Hopper since 9/17/2010. I'm a lucky boy, first rescued by BROOD, then sent here for my permanent retirement.

I was a little nervous here at first.

My mom got me a Thundershirt to help calm me down and Dora showed me how to get on the best bed.

The shirt really helped me to relax.

But soon I was up and cruising the tables.

This bed gets pretty crowded.

Sometimes there's no room for me!

My first Christmas, mom said I was a logger.

I only put up with it because of the really good cow hooves they have here.
You really don't want to make me mad... 'Cause I have pretty scary mad face!

In my spare time, I enjoy sunning in the bay window.

And helping mom outside with the poop scooping.

I like to share beds with everyone. Even the ones who don't like to share, like Dora.
Chloe doesn't mind sharing. And neither does Alvin.
Mom tries to keep the peace with a pillow barricade between me and Buttermilk. It didn't work.
I like it best when we all get along. This Christmas I was very proud to be the lead reindeer on Santa's sleigh.  Am I not a handsome boy?

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Frederick, MD 21704

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