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In Memory of Mosby, at the Rainbow Bridge:
February 23, 2006

My name is Mosby and my Gotchaday is 9/16/2002.  I am blind from glaucoma. I got to go to the Guardian Angel Basset Rescue Waddle that year.  I was the coolest guy there.
Mom had just moved into our house before I came.  I helped her unpack. My old family had to give me up to go be missionaries, but they send me presents sometimes.
Really GOOD presents! Once they sent me a Valentine, too.  They miss me very much.
This is my birthday party on 11/21/02, when I was 11.

Must have had a little too much cake...

Grrrrrr... I'm a mean bunny! I know boys are s'posed to like bugs, but I didn't want to BE one.
This is my "devil-may-care" look. Nothing like a drink of nice, fresh, imported water.
Unless it's playing "Spy" in the back yard.  (Can blind guys be spies?) ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
I can help blaze trails in the snow... ...and balance snowballs on my nose.
Sometimes I relax on my front porch. Sometimes I stretch out on the futon.
And sometimes I just want to hide behind the pillows.

Christmas 2005.  I'm 14.  I have diabetes...

And I have to wear diapers 'cause I wet the beds.

But as long as I have my nose, my teeth and a piggy chew, life's not so bad.

4422 Reels Mill Rd.
Frederick, MD 21704

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