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In Memory of Mr. Biggs, at the Rainbow Bridge:
July 17, 2015

My name is Mr. Biggs.  My family left me at the Montgomery County Humane Society here in MD. I don't know why they didn't want me any more, but I was pretty happy to find a new home here at HOP on 7/22/2012.

I'm actually a bagel - part beagle and part basset.

But the other bassets don't seem to mind.

There are so many nice, soft beds in this house.

And a nice, sunny deck to relax on, too.
One day I had a lump removed. They put this awful thing on my neck so I couldn't see it.
I love to snuggle in blankets. Hmm, feeling a little crowded here.
 Happy New Year! Are we done yet?
Max is always trying to steal the beds. But I'm not giving up!
Uh oh, sharing with 3 is a bit too much. Just me and my elephant.

4422 Reels Mill Rd.
Frederick, MD 21704

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