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In Memory of rudolph, at the Rainbow Bridge:
April 2, 2008

On 1/3/2008, Rudolph went to live on a farm down in VA, with a wonderful foster mom, Gail, hubby, 3 kids, Huzzie, a female herding dog, a cat, some chickens, roosters, goats and a cow.  Yes, Rudolph is now a redneck hound.

Gail will be maintaining Rudolph's Dogster page at http://www.dogster.com/dogs/679441 and I'm sure there will be many more pictures of him and updates to follow there.  HOP will continue to be responsible for all his medical needs for as long as he is a foster.

HELP!  We Need a Foster Home for Rudolph

To put it mildly, Rudolph does not play well with others.  I have dealt with many dogs who have issues with living with other dogs, but never as bad as it is with Rudolph.  He walks around growling at the others all the time and frequently starts fights.  It is especially bad with Jeeps, the coonhound and poor old Gus.  I cannot let Rudolph loose in the house without close supervision and a spray bottle of water in my hand, so he usually stays in my bedroom behind a baby gate or crated.  When I let him out, I have to put Gus and Jeeps somewhere else.  The constant discord is very upsetting to the other old hounds, too.  They are all afraid of Rudolph.

Rudolph is very sweet with people.  He loves to be hugged and stroked and he likes to stay close to me.  He's also a very handsome boy with a solid red coat - not a bit of white on him.  He's a very calm dog when he's not around the other hounds and usually pretty quiet.  On the down side, he does mark in the house, something that's hard for me to watch for and correct with all the other hounds around.  That should lessen once he's neutered.

 Rudolph would be a great companion dog in an adult household.  He has not been child-tested.  I haven't noticed him fighting with any of my old girls so he might be OK with a non-aggressive female.  The foster home needs to be within about a 100-150 mile radius of Frederick, MD, so that I can easily retrieve him if he doesn't work out for any reason.  That would include the areas of southeastern PA, MD, VA, WV and DC.

If you or anyone you know could help us out by being a long-term/permanent foster for Rudolph, I and the other Hoppers would be eternally grateful.  HOP will pay for all his medical expenses, which will include completing his heartworm treatment, neutering, dental and whatever else he might need.  You can send an email to olddogs@houseofpuddles.org if you are interested in fostering this sweet old boy.

He didn't mind sharing a bed with Louisa when she happened to get to his favorite spot before he did.

Louisa was not too pleased.

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Frederick, MD 21704

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