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The Triplet's Page - Bart, Carson & Mary Margaret
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Bart, Carson and Mary Margaret were rescued by HOP on 5/14/2014.  Here is their story as told by their HOP foster mom:

Final Acts of Love

Ed had received the news that we all fear.  Having been in declining health and in the care of physicians for some time, his doctors determined there was nothing else they could do and told Ed he only had a few months to live.  Ed had no close family, but dear friends wanted him to be comfortable at home, so they worked together with Hospice to make that possible.

Now imagine that you’ve had three bassets, who are siblings, for just about all of their lives.  They have never been separated, and you have showered them with love from day one.  However, they are now eleven years old, and two of them have lost their sight from glaucoma.  With no family to step in and friends with no ability to take on three bassets, there are few if any choices of what will become of your beloved dogs.  You worry about what will happen to them almost even more than the news you have received for yourself.

But love is strong, especially in the most difficult of times.  One of Ed’s friends knew someone who had adopted a basset hound from a rescue.  One friend contacted another, who then reached out to a volunteer with the rescue group.  Several more telephone calls were made, and one of House of Puddles’ foster families said they would take Ed’s bassets so that they could stay together.  Ed’s friends, who were already staying with Ed in shifts at his home, were also taking care of three bassets with special needs as well as working to coordinate how the bassets would get to their new home when the time came.  Their love for Ed was obvious, and the greatest gift they could give Ed was to reassure him in his final days that his bassets would be taken care of.  Less than a week later Ed passed away, but with the peaceful knowledge that his “kids” would remain together.

Carson, Mary Margaret, and Bart – affectionately known as The Triplets – have had a lot to adapt to since they became HOP bassets in May.  They took a long car ride across Virginia, had to meet and learn how to live with several other dogs and, for the girls Carson and Mary, had to learn a new house layout without their sight.  So much change in such a short amount of time - but dogs are incredibly resilient.

At first, the Triplets stayed huddled together in a corner of the living room, unsure of a new, big, unknown place with lots of unfamiliar dogs.  But that didn’t last long, and they have settled into their new surroundings pretty quickly.  Carson loves being outdoors, and will spend hours outside exploring the yard or lazing on the patio.  Mary is a love-bug – all belly rubs are welcome! – and she has a huge school-girl crush on Friskie (one of the bassets in her new home).  She sniffs out Friskie’s location several times a day and, when he barks, she gets so excited that she dances in place in front of him.  Bart is their loving big brother – he regularly checks on them, and often will be seen gently washing their faces, paying particular and careful attention to their eyes.  Bart has also been a nursemaid to his new adoptive sister Jade, also a HOP basset, when she had an infected hot-spot on her hip.

We hear too many sad and awful stories about what brings dogs into rescue.  But the many acts of love in this situation are incredibly heartwarming.  Ed’s friends made it possible for him to be in his home with his dogs for his final weeks, and then truly made his final wish come true – a home together for his beloved bassets.  They also took it a step further and gathered donations for HOP so that Carson, Mary, and Bart’s initial medical needs could be covered.  HOP is an integral part of this loving story as well.  While already completely full with senior bassets in need, HOP took on the extra responsibility of these three bassets to ensure they would be loved and cared for after Ed was gone.  And we all know that the Triplets have a special angel watching over them - who will wait for them at the Rainbow Bridge to be reunited as a family some day.

Bart, Carson, Mary Bart & Mary
Bart Bart
Carson & Mary Carson
Carson Carson, Bart & Mary
Mary & Bart Mary

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