Our Homes

While we have several foster homes, the majority of our senior hounds live in two multi-dog foster homes, one in Frederick, MD and one in Abingdon, VA.

Our founding home in MD sits on a hill on three acres in the farmlands of Frederick County.  Our capacity here is 16 to 18 hounds.  It's a two-story home but all the living area, including the master bedroom shared with the hounds, is on the first floor.  It has a huge fenced in yard that wraps around from the front to the back of the house.  The hounds have free access to the outside via dog doors to the yard and deck.

home-back and side yard
our home front yard
hop-back yard bushes
home-loni front
home-loni front

Our multi-dog foster home in VA rests on a hill next to a cow pasture in Washinton County.  There are usually 8 to 10 seniors retired here.  The half-acre fenced yard allows for plenty of room for hounds to stretch their legs and converse with the cows.  A dog door allows the hounds free access to the patio and yard.

home-loni yard cow pasture