An Ode to Milkbones

Oh, Milkbone, lovely Milkbone,
you are the best by far!
In the land of doggie snacks
you are my shining star!

I love to hold you 'tween my paws
and sniff your meaty savor.
And when I sink my teeth in you
I love your crunchy flavor!

Oh, Milkbone, lovely Milkbone,
for you I'll beg and whine
until they open up that box
and I begin to dine!

How many Milkbones I have had
there simply is no telling.
They make my teeth all sparkly clean
and keep my breath from smelling!

Oh, Milkbone, lovely Milkbone,
I'm crazy, so it seems.
'Cause every time I sleep at night
I chase you in my dreams!

I'll have to have my Milkbones
every day until I die
and then I'll have more Milkbones
in my home beyond the sky.

So Milkbone, lovely Milkbone,
no other snack can beat you.
That's why I wrote this, just to say:
it's such a treat to eat you!

-Dusty the Passmore Poodle

poams-norman milkbone