Our Pledge to Seniors

It is our mission to rescue senior hounds from shelters who no one wants to adopt or are in danger of being euthanized.  We take dogs who are 10 years or older, primarily basset hounds, beagles and mixes.  The average age of our hounds is 12.

Our seniors live in foster homes where they are cared for as a family member until the end of their lives.  Occasionally, when the right family comes along, we adopt them out, but many of our seniors are not adoptable due to health or behavioral reasons.  Most are just not wanted.

Our mission includes providing for all of their medical and comfort needs.  We pay for their veterinary care and they all have annual wellness exams.  We provide high quality food, prescription diets when needed, and nutritional supplements.  Treats, toys and comfortable beds are always available.

We pledge to give our hounds the best quality of life, love, and belly rubs throughout their senior years.

mission-chloe and andy